Honda Wall of Dreams
Social Campaign

Background: The Honda Wall of Dreams mural represents the past, present,
and future dreams that Honda has made a reality.

The Ask: To bring the Honda Wall of Dreams mural to life on Instagram. 

In Feed

We encouraged Honda fans to share their dreams with us on Instagram and Threads.
The comments reminded us what social is all about: creating community.


Instagram In Feed:
Video Carousel

Time for a deep dive! We brought key moments in the mural to light with a zoom-in video series.

Instagram Story:

Honda fans could take a piece of the mural with them in the form of phone backgrounds.

Instagram Story:

 We put Honda fans to the test with an interactive IG Story Quiz centered around the Wall of Dreams.

Art Directors: Aimee Hernandez, Mark Aco, Max Wang
Copywriters: Morgan Willett and Craig Ross
Creative Directors: Ken Pappaduros, Sarah May Bates, Romeo Cervas
Mural Illustrator: Paul Shipper