Honda: The Prologue
Social Campaign

The Ask:
To launch the first all-electric SUV from Honda, The Prologue, across Snapchat, Meta, Reddit, and Pinterest
with a platform-first approach. We created videos, stills, and a Snapchat lens to put the features within Honda’s latest innovation on full display.


Alongside Snapchat and Paper Triangles, we developed a randomized-filter Snapchat Lens where Honda fans could learn more about the Prologue
based on their personal driver type. Once paired with one of three driver types (Adventure Seeker, EV Chic, or Tech Obsessed)
the user flips their camera to be transported into the Prologue where features that match their driver type can be explored.
Users can toggle between each driver type to learn more about the versatility of Honda’s first EV SUV.


We partnered with Pinterest to create videos that break the fourth wall within user’s feeds and
tailored our last video to feel platform first with playful type and inspirational imagery.


Our team focused on creating an infotaining video and stills that would appeal to the researchers of Reddit. 

Reddit Stills


To keep our platform-first approach going, we created two different ‘Come With Me’ style videos to show how the Prologue
can seamlessly fit into the lifestyles of our audience.


On Meta, we took a ‘Day in the Life’ approach to tell the story of a family out and about with their EV SUV.

LinkedIn Stills

Art Directors: Tanus Yoder and Aimee Hernandez
Copywriters: Morgan Willett and Olivia Strauss
Creative Directors: Celine Faledam and Ken Pappanduros
Directors: Nate Robinson, Erica Poat, and Cheyenne Miller
Producers: Dan Sundquist and Alexandra Herstik